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The Animal Doctor

  • 815 Feinberg Court
  • Cary, Illinois 60013
  • p  847.516.8190
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The Animal Doctor has been our vet for many years, but in the last two years they have been our angels. We adopted a malnourished three year old Boxer and Boston Terrier mix from Save-a-Pet in Grayslake. At our first appointment with The Animal Doctor they recommended a physical therapy program for Anna that would help put on the weight she desperately needed, but in a healthy muscular form - and not just over feeding her. At 32 pounds you could see her ribs. Over the next several weeks to months not only did Anna grow to love her health club visits and trainers but she filled out to her expected weight without increasing her food intake. In other words, they helped Anna bloom into the happy and healthy dog she is today.

You would think our story ends there, but several months ago our 15 year old Harrier named Star fell down a short flight of stairs resulting in a spinal injury that completely impaired the use of her back legs. We devised a lifting system to help her go outside and get around the house, but had all but given up on her being able to walk alone again. At 15 years old many people thought that we were crazy to think that something could be done to help her reach her 16th, 17th year or more. We kept hearing that a 50 pound dog normally doesn't live this long anyway, except from The Animal Doctor staff. They helped us evaluate the situation logically so that we could make a decision we could live with. They explained all our options without trying to sway our decision. Star is still extremely healthy for her age, alert, affectionate, and always perking her ears when she hears the treat word. As a group we decided that we would try a cycle of therapy using a treadmill, water therapy, acupuncture, and herbs. Without the knowledgeable staff at The Animal Doctor we would not have know about these options. We set short and long term goals with the help of The Animal Doctor staff, and over time she has met or exceeded what we thought she could do. Star turned 16 in July of 2011 and can now walk on her own and gets up and down with little assistance. She is still healthy, alert, and affectionate, and now walks to the treat bowl when she hears it jingle!

Thank you to the entire Animal Doctor staff including the receptionists, vet assistants, therapists and vets.

Frank and Lisa Bellanca
Star, Tucker, and Anna Banana


We were very pleased with the ACL surgery and rehab provided for our dog Hank. Dr. Wyatt and the rehab technicians were very responsive and helpful in getting Hank up and running. He is back to being a happy, rambunctious lab.

The Towensley Family


This was the first time I saw Dr. Wyatt with either of my two animals & I absolutely LOVED HER!!! My dog, Odin, was a bit stubborn & hard to work with but she was patient & super sweet with him. I especially loved when she whistled to him in a musical like way to help calm him & ease his worries. I look forward to bringing my beloved cat, Tate, to see Dr. Wyatt in the future!!

Lisa Donahue


My seven-year old pug dog Lilo was experiencing pain in her hind leg. Occasionally she was even having trouble walking. I brought her in for an examination. Dr. Wyatt suspected Lilo might have a disc problem. One of her hind legs was weaker than the other. She recommended a 10 week course of physical therapy. Cathy, a vet tech certified in physical therapy, worked with Lilo one to two days a week using a variety of physical therapies including balancing exercises and a water treadmill. Lilo looked forward to her visits and was so excited to see Cathy each week. She has not exhibited any symptoms since her physical therapy ended, has more energy and is a happier dog today.

Donna McCloud


We are so grateful to Dr Wyatt, Cathy and the rest of the staff at The Animal Doctor. Dr Wyatt and team have treated two of our dogs that suffered different leg injuries over the last couple years. Our female pit bull, Luda, tore both ACLs one right after another and our foster puppy, Pinky, suffered from a luxating patella that went untreated for way too long. The team at The Animal Doctor created therapy plans for both dogs to help build back muscle mass, strength and stability in their legs and joints. Cathy was wonderful with both dogs; explaining milestones as the dogs made them, teaching us exercises we could do at home, recommending important supplements to help with healing and she went the extra mile to help us through our questions and concerns. Since finishing therapy, both dogs are running and playing with their other foster brother and Luda has returned to doggie day-care. Thank you Animal Doctor for getting our dogs back to being dogs!

Kim & Alex Ashbaugh


The only place I've taken my pets, 8 in total over many years! I recommend them to every pet lover/owner, even if it's just a 2nd opinion...they end up staying at THEE Animal Dr. Love them!

Cathy Chimens


Our dog, Rudy, underwent CCL surgery in August 2011. Dr. Wyatt demonstrated great care, skill and professionalism throughout the diagnosis and treatment of the injury. From pre-screening to surgery and through the post-surgery check-ups, Rudy was well cared for and at ease. The same level of professionalism and care that we've experienced with the doctors at The Animal Doctor is found in their therapy services as well. The therapy sessions were easy to schedule and check-in each time was simple and quick. Rudy was comfortable and at ease with the therapists, and we received clear instruction for the exercises to do at home. Rudy is well on the way to a full recovery from his surgery, thanks to the kickstart from the rehabilitation services from The Animal Doctor.

Thank you.

Robert & Caroline Vellinga (& Rudy)